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Practice Areas

We offer legal services in all of the following areas. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have a legal issue that does not appear in the list of practice areas or that does not fit neatly into one of these categories. We will be happy to address any questions or concerns and refer you to another lawyer within our professional network.

a. Civil Litigation

Litigation is our main area of focus. We work on a variety of cases including large or small commercial disputes, civil disputes, immigration cases, and claims against other professionals, the government or quasi-governmental institutions.

b. Employment Litigation

We represent clients in wrongful dismissal actions, human rights’ complaints, employment standards and occupational health and safety matters.

c. Intellectual Property

Whether you are starting-up a business, or you are a seasoned business owner, we can devise strategies to protect your business assets by registering, enforcing and protecting your intellectual property rights, such as registering your trade-mark or other intellectual property.

d. Criminal / Quasi-Criminal Litigation

We currently work closely with another lawyer with over three decades of criminal defence experience in all areas of criminal law. Whether it is a simple regulatory charge against your business or other serious charges against you or any member of your family, we have the expertise to defend your rights.

e. Real Estate, Wills and Estates

We offer general Real Estate, Wills and Estates services. We can help with the closing or the refinancing of your property. Our goal is to make these transactions as easy and cost effective as possible for you.

An Estate and Will discussion with us will ensure your familial and personal end-of-life wishes are actually reflected in legal documents and respected. We will discuss and draft with you power of attorneys, in which you appoint the trusted individuals who will make the health and financial decisions on your behalf should you become incapable of making these decisions on your own.

f. Other Services

We offer notary and commissioning services such as the administration of oaths and the certification of copied documents.
Mehrabi Law Office Practice Areas

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